Toyota Recall Alert! 2014-2015 Prius V Hybrid – Atlanta, GA

Recall Alert!  If you own a 2014-2015 Toyota Prius V Hybrid, you may be receiving a notice from Toyota soon that a recall has been issued for these vehicles. Never fear! The problem they found was that the occupant classification system may not have been calibrated correctly, and this means that the airbag on the passenger side may not deploy in a crash but we can totally fix this for you!

Bring your 2014-2015 Prius V Hybrid into the Service Department here at Toyota of McDonough, and we’ll recalibrate the OCS system for free.

Your safety is absolutely our number one concern and, at Toyota of McDonough, we take pride in the knowledge, abilities, and integrity of the staff in our service department. We know they’ll fix the issue quickly and correctly. We fix things right the first time, you can rest easy knowing it’s good, or better, than new when you drive away in your newly serviced vehicle!

If you’re worried about the recall on your 2014-2015 Prius V Hybrid, stop by today with your questions and concerns and let us put your mind at ease. A recall may seem like a scary thing, but in this case you’re not in any immediate danger. Please stop by Toyota of McDonough as soon as you have time with your 2014-2015 Prius V Hybrid, and let us help you today!