Bad Credit? The New 2016 Toyota Avalon XLE Is Still Well Within Reach! – Atlanta, GA

You know, there’s something we’ve all had to go through…whether it’s a job loss, unexpected hospital stay, or something like a divorce – we’ve all had streaks of bad luck that unfortunately, can reflect badly on our credit score!

The worst thing about these late, or missed, payments is that while they may have lasted for just a few billing cycles, your bad credit score just keeps hanging on as if to remind you – every day! – of these unfortunate things that you really had no control over.

I can’t blame anyone who’s going through this for just kind of giving up on the idea of owning a nice new luxury Toyota like the 2016 Toyota Avalon XLE. Let’s face it, even though you have a new job and are back to paying everything on time, your bank may still have denied your new vehicle loan, and who wants to risk hearing bad news yet again?

Good news is here! The team at Toyota of McDonough know that the redesigned profile of the 2016 Toyota Avalon XLE exudes the confidence you need to keep you on track, while the redesigned grille and stylish new available LED headlights make it exude just the amount of professionalism you need to show in your new career.

Their Bad Credit Assistance professionals are on hand to make sure that you hear a YES! Not only that, but the sales team is ready to show you the new Toyota specials, dealer incentives, and any other good deals they have on the lot to make sure you get the best deal in Atlanta!

The Team at Toyota of McDonough feel that everyone deserves to a 3.5-liter V6 powered by 268 hp and 248 lb.-ft. of torque, and an engine that’s still incredibly efficient with an EPA-estimated 31 mpg highway. What better way to show that you’re not only on the right fiscal track, you’re on the right road to good credit!