2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners Thankful for Reliability, Comfort and 40 MPG – Atlanta, GA

As a Toyota Camry owner, I’m thankful every day for the reliability that I get from my car. When I was young I was a bit of a speed demon, but speeding tickets took the fun out of my reckless abandon. As we mature, we value different things such as comfort, fuel efficiency and being able to count on our vehicle every single day. If the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid had a brain and a voice, it would clamor that it has a 200 horsepower hybrid engine and is certainly not slow. Calm down, Mrs. Camry Hybrid; I’m just trying to accentuate your best features!

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners are Thankful for These Features 


Fuel economy is really the main reason that anyone buys a hybrid vehicle. The days of 15 to 20 MPH are quickly becoming ancient history like Triceratops. Think of the Toyota Camry Hybrid as a Pterodactyl: It can run like the other dinosaurs but when it needs to it has an alternative source of motion. If you’re not catching my prehistoric drift, I mean that the electric-gasoline hybrid gives you two ways to romp through Atlanta making your car more efficient all around. The combined 43 MPH highway fuel economy of the Camry Hybrid will transport you eons further than Fred Flinstone’s car and with the big 17-gallon gas tank you might not have to stop at a filling station until the next ice age.

Your vehicle is your time machine, allow yourself to travel back to a more peaceful time with the 10-speaker JBL audio system that’s one of the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid standard features.

Navigating dark, windy roads is difficult enough without the hassle of flipping your high beams on and off. You want to be courteous as you maneuver your Camry Hybrid near Atlanta and, thankfully, you can now outsource that task to automatic high-beam control. The projector-beam halogen headlights are as bright as two small stars, so the other drivers will appreciate the intelligence of your 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid features.


These illuminated door sill protectors are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Toyota Camry Hybrid accessories. One thing that you won’t have to worry about buying is a charger. Your Camry Hybrid simply requires gas to run and charges the electric portion through a multitude of ways.

Toyota of McDonough is certainly not behind with the times. For all of your futuristic 2016 Camry Hybrid needs, contact the experts at Atlanta’s #1 Toyota dealership. Now is a good time to be curious, as the biggest Toyota sales event of the year, the Toyotathon, is in full swing. In order to make history like Pangea you’ve got to drive something reliable, comfortable and cutting edge. Evolve with Toyota!