Hungry? We’ve Got Our Picks for the 3 Best Italian Places to Eat In Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

You can never go wrong with Italian food.

As an Italian, I wish I could eat it every day. It’s that great and tasty. Whether it’s pasta, fish or whatever else, you can’t go wrong with it at all.

It’s also a type of food that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Even in the summer time, when it’s ridiculously hot outside, Italian food is a perfect pick-me-up.

So, the next time you’re on the road and want Italian food in the Atlanta area, this should help you a lot the next time you or the family are craving some spaghetti and meatballs, or something with tender chicken.

Here are the best Italian places to eat in Atlanta:


A little pricey, no doubt. Some traditional pasta dishes cost as little as $18, but it feels authentic and tastes delicious. You can get chicken liver ravioli for $19. It sounds odd and unappealing at first, but it’s just chicken ravioli, which is unique and sounds delicious.

St. Cecilia

If you’re a fan of seafood to go with your Italian food, then this is for you. St. Cecilia is a seafood-heavy place known to have people leaving with a smile on their face. One of the most underrated restaurants in Atlanta, this is good for a night out of any kind.

La Tavola

One Google search on this website says it’s the “best authentic Italian restaurant in Atlanta.” This is about as close as it can get. You have to reserve a table and somewhat look top professional with your wardrobe. There may not be another great place to get Italian food.


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