Say Goodbye to Aches Behind the Wheel: 3 Car Products That Ease Pain – Atlanta, GA

Have you ever noticed what a pain driving is? Not in a metaphorical sense, but as in an actual pain. Any longer than an hour commuting or on a road trip, and my back is done for! If it’s hot out, my feet are a mess. And if it’s the middle of the day, here come the migraines! When I was younger, driving really was a joy. Now that I’m getting older – or maybe just because I have to chase two toddlers under five all day – driving is a pain. Literally! Thankfully, there are many products to use in the car while driving that will help alleviate the worst of these aches. Because sharing is caring, I’ll let you in on these car products that ease pain:

Back – The All Day Gel Seat

According to the website: “This gel seat cushion relieves point-of-contact pressure and helps reduce lower back pain to enhance comfort while sitting in a car or office chair. The cushion is filled with a soft visco-elastic gel and supportive memory foam that disperse your weight to alleviate pressure points.” According to my back, this seat is like finding the last unicorn: A mythical thing that magically makes my back feel just fine after sitting for hours on end. And, with the 2015 Toyota Corolla MPG stats, you can go farther without fretting about the aches!


This one is a bit trickier because a lot of the things that help alleviate swollen, painful or stressed feet can’t be done while you’re driving. What you can do is make sure you have some good orthotics in your shoes, don’t wear heels when you drive or, better yet, have a comfortable pair of shoes you use specifically for driving (especially if you’re, say, headed to get an oil change in McDonough).


Driving during mid-afternoon, or even during the late afternoon around sunset can be the worst for your eyes. That glare that just seems to dig into your head is terrible! If I have to drive for an extended amount of time in the direction of the sun, I’m in for a headache! The best way to avoid this is to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car. Specifically, driving sunglasses. While they may not be as fashionable as your go-to Chanels, the polarized lenses and ability to block ultraviolet light will keep your afternoon headache-free.


Keeping these products in mind have helped me immensely when it comes to avoiding the pain, both figurative and literal, that driving can become. I have to thank the good folks at Toyota of McDonough once again for looking out for my well-being! And hey, if you’re looking for a new 2015 Toyota Camry near Atlanta, they have plenty of those, too.  Everyone can feel good about that!