All-Star Whips: 4 Cars of Famous Athletes – Atlanta, GA

If you go around and ask any professional athlete (if you can find one) what the first thing they buy when they sign their new contract is, it’s either a house for Mom or a new car.

When the family is taken care of, it’s usually the car that’s next on the list. You’ve earned the money you’re getting with that new contract and want to treat yourself to a car you never thought would be available. But the minute you get that first check, it doesn’t take much to be sold on what car you want.

Some of these cars that athletes have modifications added to them, looking completely different and costing way more than an original model would. That’s why we are here to bask in their glory and observe them because they’re just that cool.

Here are some pictures of the sweetest cars of famous athletes, most notably the biggest stars in the sports world. Click on the headers to see these amazing cars.

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers

Brown is one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL, leading the league in receiving yards a year ago with 1,698. He’s bound to get a huge payday very soon, but he’s put the money he’s earned to good use with this Steelers-themed Rolls Royce. This is awesome.

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Being the best player in the world has its perks. LeBron has enough perks to have more than one car. The link will lead you to a few pictures of LeBron and his many cars. I should note that none of these are of LeBron James and the Kia K900, though he’s a huge fan and fully endorses it!

Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks

Once upon a time, if you fancy some sports history, ‘Melo once played for the Denver Nuggets. If you’ve forgotten, you surely haven’t forgotten his braids that he once rocked. This picture is from his Denver days. Look at how blue that car is.

Armando Galarraga, Detroit Tigers

Now, I had no idea that this happened, but it’s really cool. Galarraga was robbed of a perfect game back in June 2010. It was the call that ensured Major League Baseball add instant replay in its everyday life. He was awarded this car due to this screw-up. He’d probably have both, if given the chance. (By the way, this is the call made on the now-famous Armando Galarraga perfect game.)


These are just some of the coolest looking pictures of athletes and their cars that have across the internet in recent years. Look them up. You’re probably bound to find some cool shots of Michael Jordan. What might help for that is heading to your nearest Atlanta-area Toyota dealership near McDonough and treat yourself to the new 2015 Toyota Corolla features. You should take advantage of it now, especially when a 2015 Toyota Corolla MSRP is going for almost $19,000. Much less than these athletes paid for their rides, but still an all-around terrific car.