Did You Know? 3 Interesting Facts About Toyota – Atlanta, GA

Ever since creating a following in the United States, Toyota has become one of the best car makers in the world. Always trusted on its reliability and vehicular endurance. Toyota has always sought out to provide the best customer care and car quality a maker can provide.

Yes, I’m pretty sure you have no interest in knowing what Toyota cares about. You probably already knew that Toyota had a commitment to excellence. That’s not why you clicked here. You came here because there are probably other facts you might not have known about, that you want to learn. Well, good, coming to the right place at the right time. With that said, here are some interesting facts about Toyota.

Toyota Was Founded In 1937

Can you believe that it’s been almost 80 years since Toyota was founded in Japan? That’s crazy to think about, but Toyota did not make its way to the United States until 20 years after its inception in 1957.

Toyota Has Created 365,000 Jobs In the U.S.

This is surely amazing. Toyota has boomed so much that a third of one million people are employed by this company. Having so many people working for Toyota is another reason why it is, arguably, the top automobile maker in the world.

Over 80 Percent of Toyotas Sold 20 Years Ago Are Still On the Road

This fact is amazing and speaks to Toyota’s vision of longevity and endurance. If only 20 percent of Toyotas from the early 1990s are not on the road, that’s fantastic. Toyota has made sure to let its clients know that they care about long-sustaining usability.


I’m sure there are many facts out there regarding Toyota, and I’m sure you could find out more. One way to do so would be visiting your local Atlanta-area Toyota dealership and see if they have any things you might want to know. One thing you should already know is looking into a new Toyota is rather easy, and nothing’s easier than a new 2015 Toyota Tacoma SUV. Come down here to make some history, just like you read about today.