See Where the 2015 Toyota Camry Can Take You: 4 One-Tank Trips from Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

When I first got my drivers license, I loved getting in my car after school and just driving for the sake of it.  It seemed like such a great adventure, to see all the neighborhoods and cities I’d never bothered with before.  I never bothered checking how far I’d actually gone, I would just look at my gas gauge, and as soon as it got about halfway down, I’d turn around and drive home. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I had all manner of cool and funky places to visit;  was never bored!  I occurred to me that here in Atlanta, there are just as many cool things to see and do as I had when I was a teenager. So, I did the math. If you have a 2015 Toyota Camry, you get 25/35 MPG – that works out to about 600 miles a tank.  Luckily for you, there are a ton of great one-tank trips from Atlanta that’ll get you there and back without stopping at the pump. Let’s get looking!

The Franklin Theatre

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

A 250 miles away from Atlanta, the old-timey looking theatre features classic movies, plays, and musicals, with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. Beer and wine are on tap in addition to classic theater snacks, like popcorn and candy.

Country Music Hall of Fame

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Another 250 mile trip, this archive of everything western music features more than 40,000 square feet of country music artifacts, archives, and theater space. Yee-haw!

Circa 1875

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Just 250 miles (again) away from Atlanta is this upscale pub and restaurant replete with Parisian charm. It may seem a bit far just for a bite to eat, but mais non! I say, take a look at these offering “escargot and pâté make excellent starters before you move on to main dishes like steak frites or cassoulet. Don’t miss the mussels lovingly steeped in fennel, shallots and white wine.” Ooooh, la la! C’est fantastique!

Lake Lanier

Location: North Georgia Mountains

I brought it down to a 40- to 60-mile range for this trip, just because you’ll want to spend the rest of the day hiking in the great outdoors. Lake Lanier offers gorgeous views and over 700 miles of shoreline. You can also enjoy kayaking, swimming or simply lounging by the lakeside.

There are so many more one-tank trips from Atlanta you can enjoy in your 2015 Toyota Camry aside from what I’ve just mentioned, but I think these are all good destinations to start! If you need a more fuel efficient ride to get you out and about, stop by Toyota of McDonough today and take a ride in a 2015 Toyota Camry.  It will bring out the traveler in you, and your family!