Packing Your Car for a Move? Here are 4 Simple Tips to Remember – Atlanta, GA

When it’s time to move, it always seems like you have way more stuff than you remember having. The last time I moved, it was before I had my children, and that was crazy enough. When we move this time, I’m cringing just thinking about the amount of stuff we’ll have to transport. One of the costs that I disliked from last time was hiring a moving truck; it was expensive and time-consuming. This time around I think I have a better plan! I’m planning on getting a bigger vehicle for my personal mom-use regardless, and I think the 2015 Toyota Sienna will be my car of choice. It’s a minivan, which is great when you have two young boys who’re going to be starting school soon. Even better, the two rear seats fold down, creating ample space for us to help minimize moving day woes. We’ll be able to pack most of our belongings such as clothing, paperwork, books, and DVDs right in the van.

Now, it’s not as easy as just throwing stuff in bags and plopping it in the back of a van. There’s a method to the madness, and I’d like to share my plan for optimizing the space when packing your car for a move:

Planning Is Key

I’ll need to go through all the things we have and sort them by what will go in the moving truck, and what will go in the Sienna. I want to make sure I maximize my use of the roomy interior.

Pack By Importance

When I first moved into an actual house, I was so excited that I unthinkingly pack all of my clothing into the moving van. It was a three-day move. Needless to say, I had to run to Target and buy a couple of fresh sets of basic clothing to get me through until move-in day. That was a huge waste of time and money, so this time I’ll make sure to pack my clothing in the van with me. The same will go for my husband’s clothing, and the boys outfits.

Prioritize Placement

Everything I’ll need during the drive will be kept with arms reach. This means my wallet, my phone, snacks, and an MP3 player. It won’t do me any good if I need to call AAA to fix a flat, but need to dig through piles of books and clothes to do so.

Keep the Back Window Clear

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I have observed vans stuffed to the roof with belongings, effectively blocking the rear window; it’s not only dangerous, but illegal as well. You need to have a clear view of the road behind you so you can be aware of any dangerous situations or emergency vehicle.

I won’t be moving for a few more months, at least, so it may seem like I’m planning too far in advance. I don’t think there is such a thing; it’s always better to err on the side of being over-prepared. I’m going to head out to McDonough, Georgia and speak with the helpful staff at Toyota of McDonough to see about finding a great 2015 Toyota Sienna today!