‘Tis the Season to Get Your Pictures With Santa In McDonough THIS SATURDAY! – Atlanta, GA


Here’s a fun little story.

My grandpa, who will celebrate his NINETY-NINTH birthday next year, has lived on our centuries-old family farm in rural Ohio for nearly all of the century he’s been on this earth. Seriously, centuries-old farm. 

As a kid (and, admittedly, as a full-grown adult), something about the eerie silence that blankets the old house at night seriously creeped me out each time I’ve visited. It’s the kind of silence that was only broken by the faint sounds of a distant train, winds that rustled through the massive fields of eight-foot-tall corn stalks, or the disgruntled groans of cows who lurked only a few yards away from the creaky windows.

Being a scaredy cat since birth, sleeping in my grandpa’s elderly-style abode was (and still is) something to dread well before sunset. And since a visit requires me to sleep on the couch, the only thing to calm me in the dark living room is the glow of the television that only gets about seven channels and is hooked up to an ancient VCR.

This is where my anecdote starts to make sense, I promise.

Along with those seven channels, the only legitimate VHS selection I’ve ever had aside from Lawrence Welk recordings is Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause. I don’t care if it was the Fourth of July, Easter or any other random night of the year, I’ve always had The Santa Clause popped in the VCR – and I still wake up right as the screen turns to static to rewind it to the beginning. Tim Allen, Charlie and Bernard the elf were my dearest friends who made me feel I could snooze at ease, so I have a heartfelt love of this 1990s film and a deep appreciation for Santa – especially at Christmastime.

I could probably quote the entire script of this movie, but there’s something Charlie is very inquisitive about from the start that has always stuck with me and only increases my appreciation for the jolly man in the red suit. Charlie yearns to know (among many other things) how Santa can possibly visit all of the children across the globe in one night. With many other factors like the year-round creation of coveted toys and the time-consuming process of analyzing the nice or naughty list, the point is that Kris Kringle is INCREDIBLY BUSY.

It’s not easy to get yourself on the big guy’s schedule any other day of the year aside from December 25. But, since I want to share the love with you, I’ll let you in on an insider secret: You’ve got a VIP pass (no lines, no fees!) to bring the whole family and get your pictures with Santa in McDonough THIS SATURDAY – and you’ve only got a two-hour window to garner those Christmas card snapshots and whisper those wishes at your Atlanta area Toyota dealer!

Yes, the best Toyota store in McDonough has an in with Mr. and Mrs. Claus themselves.

After all, when they’re not in their famous sleigh and visiting the Peach State, they’re cruising around in an eco-friendly 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid in Atlanta! And they’re making an extra special stop on their jam-packed calendar from only 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. just for loyal friends like you (who always help keep us on the nice list with your Toyota of McDonough reviews!) so you and your little ones can spend some time with Santa in Atlanta.

Your children aren’t likely asking the man in red for The Santa Clause on VHS this year. But maybe you’re hoping the keys to a new 2016 Camry Hybrid for sale in McDonough will end up beneath your tree (or even a weenie whistle like Dr. Neil received in the movie).

From Toyota of McDonough, may your Christmas be merry and bright. And from me, may all who are afraid of the dark have a good movie like The Santa Clause to watch at night.



Toyota of McDonough

Saturday, December 5, 2015

9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

No Lines, No Fees!