Planning an Outdoor Slumber Party? Check Out Our Handy Guide to Sleeping In Your Car – Atlanta, GA

I’ve done it. I’ve slept in my car before. In fact, I’ve done it more than once. Why, you ask?

  • Camping without a tent
  • To avoid paying for a hotel when I only needed three hours of sleep to continue on the road trip
  • Forgot house key and everyone inside is asleep
  • Got lost after leaving a nightclub in a strange city and curled up until the sun came up

Upon listing these, I’m shocked at how many times I’ve slept in my car. Especially since I wasn’t driving anything close to as comfortable as a 2016 Toyota Highlander near Atlanta! The only good that can come out of these experiences is the vital knowledge that I get to pass on to you if you’ve got, say, a drive-in movie, road trip or camping in your future!

Fundamentals of Sleeping in Your Car

If you’re going to survive a night in your vehicle, you’ll need the following creature comforts in addition to all the cozy 2016 Toyota Highlander features:

  • Pillow
  • Blankets (for those cold Georgia nights)
  • Heat
  • Snacks
  • Room to stretch
  • A safe location that is out of the way

Drive-In Movies

I’ll never forget the childhood memory of pretending to sleep in the back of my mom’s truck as a kid as she and her friend watched the original Silence of the Lambs. The keyword here is pretending, and I watched a good amount of the movie before I started getting hungry. Forgetting that I was deep under cover, I knocked on the window. Needless to say, they jumped through the roof. If you’re heading to a drive-in movie theater near Atlanta, you may want to enjoy the movie through the roof in a different fashion. The 2016 Toyota Highlander Platinum Package includes a panoramic moonroof, so all you’ll need to do it recline those comfy seats and set your eyes on the screen!

Road Trips

Don’t be afraid to take a drive on the wild side. Why not head to the closest ski resort to Atlanta, Cataloochee Ski Area in North Carolina, for an epic trip up and down the slopes? It’s less than four hours away in Maggie Valley and the 2016 Toyota Highlander interior is as good as a hotel when it comes to taking quick naps!


The 2016 Toyota Highlander towing capacity and cargo room both make it a far better camping partner than any of the cars that I’ve slept in. No tent for your camping trip in Atlanta? No problem if you’re driving a Highlander.

“The third row can easily fold down in a 60/40 split and there’s a one-touch power liftgate with selectable memory height settings, a super feature for people of shorter stature.” – Autoblog

A This SUV Sleeps Two Comfortably and Four If You All Really Like Each Other

You’re now educated and equipped for sleeping in your car, but don’t sleep on the current Georgia Toyota dealer discounts offered by your McDonough area Toyota store. I hope that one day you, too, can wake up refreshed inside of a 2016 Highlander after a good flick, a day on the slopes or a rugged camping trip. According to the latest Toyota of McDonough reviews, there’s a terrific chance you’ll have the experience of your dreams when buying a new Highlander in Atlanta!