Safety 101: What You Should Do If Someone Is Following You – Atlanta, GA

I live in Las Vegas. It is a land filled with idiotic drivers who should not be holding a license. It really is one of the greatest phenomenons of our generation.

For example, I was coming home from a dinner gathering on Sunday night and was getting on the freeway. I was trying to merge one lane over to the left to get on the main road on said freeway. But, for some odd reason, a dude was driving a Hummer (and that in of itself is odd) and wouldn’t let me pass him.

I had my signal on for a good half-mile and this person wouldn’t let me pass. So, I decided to do the reasonably smart thing and be a rude person myself. I floored the pedal and stormed like a bolt of lightning ahead of this Hummer and went about my way.

I kept looking back to see if this person was following me, and I did have this suspicion that it was happening. I was more so concerned for my girlfriend, who was in the car with me, because she was panicking a little bit that this Hummer was following. We finally got off the freeway and away from that person, so it was all good. But it was still scary.

This type of problem doesn’t happen to everyone, but in the event that it does, you should be prepared and know what you should do if someone is following you. Never be too cautious.

  1. If you’re on the freeway, like me, get off sooner rather than later. That way, you have a better idea if someone is following you. If this is the case, then this might be a good time to call the police, especially if someone is with you in the car. Get the cops on the phone and get this situation handled.
  2. If, somehow, the car is following you still while getting the car away from you, keep making turns to get away. Don’t get off the phone with the cops, though. If you hang up, and make a turn you didn’t expect, the cops will lose you and you might not get the signal back.
  3. Gas permitting, take them as far as they’re willing to go. This sounds dangerous at first, but I have a friend who did this. He took them to the other side of town, where my friend didn’t live. Eventually, he left and turned around, knowing there was no point in continuing this ridiculous wild goose chase.

This is no laughing matter, but there are ways to avoid someone who, for no reason at all, is following you. Your friendly Atlanta-area Toyota dealership doesn’t want this to happen to you because we want you to be safe. Besides, when you get away from this person that’s following you, knowing you got away from them in your new 2015 Toyota Corolla sedan¬†or a rugged 2015 Toyota RAV4 SUV sounds like a great idea.